Infographic: EdTech Use in Schools

Data reveals that increased EdTech adoption doesn’t necessarily mean EdTech use is increasing, too. Learn more about this growing gap and how one simple exercise can help you make smarter budgeting decisions that save money without sacrificing student access to digital devices and tools that promote learning.

Gather EdTech Usage Data with NetRef
NetRef is a simple, all-in-one solution for the top EdTech challenges that teachers, IT teams and administrators face. In addition to classroom management and network monitoring, NetRef offers school and district leaders access to robust reporting around EdTech usage. Collect, review and analyze usage data in NetRef to determine which EdTech is getting used and getting results.

Tap into NetRef usage reports to:

  • Streamline your EdTech – Eliminate tools where you see overlap or low adoption.
  • Inform spending and contract negotiations – Avoid wasting dollars on EdTech that isn’t being used or isn’t getting the results you expected.
  • Plan professional development – Train teachers to use EdTech more effectively to increase use and, ultimately, improve student outcomes.

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Learn how NetRef’s usage data and reporting tools can help you measure EdTech effectiveness.

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