Get the Stories Behind Their Screens

You’re outnumbered. Monitor, manage and report on web activity on every student device (even smartphones!) without peeking over any shoulders.

Keep Students on Task Online

Eliminate internet distractions to enhance student learning.

Real-Time EdTech Management

Know how individual students and entire classes are using the internet and EdTech licenses in real time. Chromebook users can even direct student activity by closing open tabs or pushing websites out to individuals or an entire class.

Total Transparency

Easily identify when students are connected to the network (green dot) and when they’re not (gray dot). Get them back on task in a click.

Automated Rule Application

Multiple rule options enable teachers to allow or block access to specific websites for individuals, small groups or classes. Schedule custom rules to apply automatically to every class period.


Create a list of select sites students can access. Use this to lock down browsers during testing and focus learning around specific sites.


Keep the internet wide open while blocking access to specific sites you don’t want your class or individual students to visit.

Detailed Usage Reports

View individual and class usage histories to see how students are using the internet and licenses down to the minute. Chromebook users can view screens in real-time or access screenshots from previously visited sites.

classroom smartphone management

Student Smartphone Management

These days, every school is BYOD. Manage activity on students’ personal devices while in class to minimize distractions.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with students using Chromebooks by instant message to quietly shut down distractions or redirect activity without interrupting class.

See screen shots of previously visited sites

See Where Students Have Been

View students’ screens in real-time or access screenshots from previously visited sites.

Real-Time Filtering

Real-Time Content Filtering

Context sensitive filtering, provided by our partner Cipafilter, keeps unwanted content from unblocked sites out of the classroom so teachers can integrate the Internet into lessons with complete confidence.

New for the 2019-20 School Year!

Every school year we roll out upgrades based on requests from NetRef users. Here’s how we’re making EdTech management, monitoring and measurement even easier this year.

  • Increase learning and collaboration with our new Google Classroom integration.
  • Edit classes with ease without relying on IT (merge classes, change class names, add/remove students).
  • Add ad hoc classes for non-rostered periods such as study hall.
  • Create permanent blocklists for individual students.
  • Keep unwanted content from unblocked sites off of student devices with context sensitive, real-time content filtering from our partner Cipfilter.


New for Chromebooks and Windows Devices!

  • Gain even more ability to direct student device use, from closing open tabs on student devices to pushing websites out to individual devices or your whole class.
  • Get more insight into students’ device usage. View screens in real-time or screenshots from previously visited sites.
  • Use NetRef to communicate with students through instant messaging — no need to disrupt the entire class!

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Install NetRef

NetRef can be easily installed as a cloud-based or network-based solution. Chromebook and Windows 10 users can simply download our app. Additional device types can easily integrate the NetRef appliance into the existing tech infrastructure.

2. Register or Push to Devices

Depending on your device policy, students can either register devices via a captive portal in seconds, no downloads required, or simply open their Chromebooks or Windows 10 devices and start working thanks to our convenient apps.

3. Manage Your Classroom

Instantly begin monitoring student internet and digital learning program use in your classroom to minimize distractions and maximize learning.

What Teachers Say ...

Florangel Globle

Florangel Globle

With NetRef, I’m able to give my students the freedom that they want with their electronic devices, and at the same time make sure that I’m monitoring them … on task, staying out of trouble.”

Mrs. Florangel Goble, English Teacher
Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High School
Miami, FL

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Mrs. Hannah

Mrs. Hannah

We rarely used computers in my class last year, and it was because of the capacity for misconduct! I never felt like I had peace of mind about allowing students to use them because of some of the sites I knew they were able to visit. Now, with NetRef, I feel like I can use computers again in class!”

Mrs. Hannah, Spanish Teacher
Orangewood Christian School
Maitland, FL

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