Get the Stories Behind Their Screens

Whether students are in the classroom or at home, you can monitor, manage and report on internet and app activity on students’ devices without peeking over shoulders.

Keep Students on Task Online

Eliminate internet distractions to enhance student learning.

Real-Time EdTech Management

Know how individual students and entire classes are using the internet, apps and EdTech licenses in real time. Turn the internet off or on, set usage rules and even push websites out to student devices.

Total Transparency

Easily identify when students are connected to the network (green dot) and when they’re not (gray dot). Get them back on task in a click.

Automated Rule Application

Multiple rule options enable teachers to allow or block access to specific websites, subdomains and applications for the class or individual students. Schedule custom rules to apply automatically to every class period.


Create a list of select websites, subdomains and applications students have permission to access. Use this tool to lock down browsers during testing and focus learning around specific resources.


Keep internet and application access wide open while blocking access to specific websites and subdomains you don’t want students to visit.

Usage Reporting

View individual and class histories to see which website, applications and licenses students are using down to the minute.

Website Pushing

Close open tabs and send website URLs out to individual student devices or an entire class to direct students where you want them to go online.

Instant Messaging

Communicate with students via instant message to quietly shut down distractions and redirect activity without interrupting the rest of the class.

Screen Viewing

View students’ screens in real-time or access screenshots from previously visited sites.

Our Latest Updates

We continually roll out upgrades requested by NetRef users. Here are some exciting features we’ve added to the latest version of NetRef.

  • Remote attendance reporting
  • Screensharing
  • Improved, easier to navigate teacher dashboard
  • Granular subdomain management and reporting
  • Expanded reporting (see number of sites visited, sites blocked, time spent online, and compare time spent online between every student in a class)
  • Report tagging for improved reporting
  • Google Single Sign-On integration
  • Rule sharing for co-teaching

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Install NetRef

Download the app for Chromebooks, Windows or MacBook devices.

2. Push to Devices

Students simply open their devices and start working thanks to our convenient apps.

3. Manage Your Classroom

Start monitoring student internet, app and digital learning program use in your classroom to minimize distractions and maximize learning.

What Teachers Say ...

Kelci Meadows

Kelci Meadows

It caught my attention because the teacher interface was the most simple of all
that I saw the demonstrations for.”

Kelci Meadows
Whitehouse Independent School District, TX

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Carman Jenkins

Carman Jenkins

We initially bought it just to monitor what students are doing on their computers,
and now we’ve come up with all these different uses.”

Carman Jenkins
Lafayette County School District, MS

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Jennifer Lawrence-Dishman

Jennifer Lawrence-Dishman

I use a lot of media in my class. I use Google Classroom for everything. NetRef is
a way for me to keep students accountable.”

Jennifer Lawrence-Dishman
Putnam County School System, TN

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