Manage Your Network
(and Your Time)

Focus on macro-level network management of district- and school-owned devices. Hand over micro-level classroom management to teachers.

Make Device Management Easy

Oversee every device on your network while empowering teachers with classroom-level controls.

Simple Controls

Set global school or district usage rules while enabling teachers to monitor and manage classroom internet access.

Robust Reporting

Detailed usage data broken down by sites visited, student use, teacher use, classroom use, and more. You can even identify your biggest data users by activity or student!

No-Hassle Integration

Use our convenient Chromebook, Windows and MacBook apps to push NetRef to devices and sync user data. That’s it. You’re done!

Complete Oversight

See which school a device is located in, what type of device it is, and to whom it belongs to enforce your Internet Usage Policy.

Flexible Rules

Classroom-level controls won’t disrupt school or district rules, allowing flexibility with firewalls and filters. For example, leave YouTube available for students and let teachers block it locally.

Convenient Scheduling

Start students in focus mode at the beginning of every period so all students are limited to only the educational resources your school purchases. Allow teachers to enable access from there.

Our Latest Updates

We continually roll out upgrades requested by NetRef users. Here are some exciting features we’ve added to the latest version of NetRef.

  • Remote attendance reporting
  • Screensharing
  • Improved teacher dashboard that includes classes taught at different schools
  • Granular subdomain management and reporting
  • Expanded reporting, including reporting on data usage
  • Enhanced ROI calculator measures cost per user and adoption rates
  • Tagging for improved reporting
  • Google Single Sign-On integration
  • Rule sharing for co-teaching

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Install NetRef.

Download our app for Chromebooks, Windows or MacBook devices.

2. Push to Devices

Use your mobile device manager to push NetRef out to all devices at once.

3. Manage Your Network

Focus on high-level device management while empowering teachers with an easy-to-use tool for managing class internet use without affecting school- or district-level policies.

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Oversee your network and simplify device management while reducing overreliance on IT.

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