Calculate EdTech Usage and Effectiveness

Is that web-based learning program you purchased delivering the outcomes you’d hoped for? Is it being used at all? Gather data to measure license use and determine impact.

Get Actionable Data to Measure EdTech Effectiveness

Gain valuable insight into EdTech use across school sites and the entire district to inform budgeting, purchasing, contract negotiations, and professional development needs around current digital learning program licenses.

Multi-Level Permissions

Separate school and admin panels ensure everyone within the district has access to only the information they need most.

EdTech Visibility

From the dashboard, get a quick glimpse of EdTech use throughout the district and at individual school sites to see which devices and EdTech resources are being used — and how often.

Usage Reporting

Access detailed usage reports to determine which devices and programs are meeting recommended usage requirements to impact student achievement and meet learning goals.

Measure EdTech Effectiveness

Few educators review EdTech usage regularly since data collection can be challenging (and time-consuming). NetRef aggregates data into one document for tracking license usage, investment, academic impact, and more.

Our Latest Updates

    • We continually roll out upgrades requested by NetRef users. Here are some exciting features we’ve added to the latest version of NetRef.

        • Remote attendance reporting
        • Screensharing
        • Granular subdomain management and reporting
        • Expanded reporting
        • Enhanced ROI calculator measures cost per user and adoption rates
        • Tagging for improved reporting
        • Google Single Sign-On integration

How Does NetRef Work?

1. Install NetRef

Download our app for Chromebooks, Windows or MacBook devices.

2. Push to Devices

Use your mobile device manager to push NetRef out to all devices at once.

3. Measure EdTech Effectiveness

View usage throughout the district in real time and aggregate the data in one convenient location to determine which licenses are worth renewal and which require re-evaluation.

What Administrators Say …

Nick Simov

Nick Simov

One of the reasons I chose NetRef is the fact that it’s the most versatile solution.”

Nick Simov
Argo Community High School
Summit, IL

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Duane Embry

Duane Embry

I don’t know that I’ve ever come across a program that supports us quite this

Duane Embry, Director of Educational Technology
Walton County School District, GA

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Jennifer Savery

Jennifer Savery

(NetRef) met so many different needs, and the platform is so easy to use. The
support system from NetRef is amazing.”

Jennifer Savery
Humboldt Community School District, IA

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Lukas Gotto

Lukas Gotto

It’s been really awesome to reach out to (NetRef) and hear them say ‘We can
certainly make that happen.'”

Lukas Gotto, Technology Integration Specialist
Alexandria School District, MN

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Get clear insight into EdTech usage to maximize the impact of your investments and inform future spending.

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