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NetRef is Now Part of Linewize

October 27th, 2021

NetRef has merged with Linewize by Family Zone Inc. Together, we become a global, education-focused cyber safety company, protecting almost 10 million students.  We’re extremely excited about the expanded product range we can now offer you as we join more than 200 mission-driven and experienced cyber safety professionals. What this…

[On-Demand Webinar] A Conversation About Connectivity and Student Engagement

June 8th, 2021

The pandemic highlighted the critical need for all students to have devices and sufficient bandwidth. As we look ahead to a return to full-time in-person learning in the fall, there is still a need to ensure students are fully engaged in digital learning, both in the classroom and at home.…

{On-Demand Webinar} Digital Learning Design Strategies for Today’s Teacher

May 5th, 2021

It’s 2021 and a new era in teaching and learning. The pandemic highlighted digital inequities even among students with high-speed internet access and devices at school and home. Digital equity is more than just access. It’s about how students are using technology to build their knowledge, meet learning goals, and…

{On-Demand Webinar} Design for Inclusion: Ensuring Techquity in All Learning Spaces

May 3rd, 2021

Technology plays a critical role in today’s schools, but the past year has highlighted the challenges in providing students with equitable access to technology and learning. As you plan and budget for the coming school year, there is the opportunity to reimagine teaching, learning, and how you leverage edtech to…

How Does NetRef Transform Teaching? Educators Tell All!

April 29th, 2021

If your goal is to keep students focused on learning with fewer distractions and maximize the ROI of your EdTech investments, listen to how educators from across the country have done just that with NetRef. Try NetRef for Free for the Rest of the Year Test out NetRef’s all-in-one EdTech…

On-Demand Webinar: EdTech in the Era of Distance Learning

April 16th, 2020

Join this edWebinar to hear Dr. Monica Burns, author of Tasks Before Apps and founder of Class Tech Tips, reflect on how schools are using EdTech to support remote learning. Dr. Burns will also provide insights into maximizing your current EdTech investments to respond to students’ and teachers’ current needs. You will learn:…

On-Demand Webinar: Designing a Student-Centered, Future-Focused EdTech Mindset

April 2nd, 2020

School closures due to coronavirus have demonstrated the critical role EdTech can play in instruction, both in and out of the classroom. During this hour-long webinar, Dr. Justin Aglio discusses the current state of EdTech and how educational leaders can help their schools move forward into the future. You’ll learn:…

On-Demand Webinar: Leading Together: The Power of Collaborative EdTech Leadership

April 26th, 2019

EdTech is one of the biggest investments a school makes and can play an important role in student success. During this free webinar, Naomi Harm, CEO of Innovative Educator Consulting, will share how “leading together” can empower your team to make effective and sound technology decisions that positively impact the teaching practices of educators and…

Vicki Davis

On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways to Help Teachers Progress in Their Use of Technology

March 26th, 2019

As a teacher and IT Director, part of Vicki Davis’s job is helping her fellow teachers build their technology skills and stay current with new EdTech. During this free webinar, Vicki will share the strategies she’s found effective and how to have PD events that will excite your teachers and…

Press Release: NetRef Cloud Now Available for 1:1 Chromebook Districts

January 29th, 2019

DULLES, Va., Jan. 30, 2019 — NetRef is thrilled to announce the development of a cloud-based version of its EdTech management and monitoring platform for districts and schools with 1:1 Chromebook deployments. With this latest update, implementing NetRef has never been easier. Chromebook users can begin using NetRef to monitor…

On-Demand Webinar: Building Digital Citizens

January 23rd, 2019

Digital citizenship is one of ISTE’s Standards for Students, but often these skills are not incorporated into everyday lessons. In this hour-long webinar Jacqui Murray, coach and editor of the Ask a Tech Teacher blog,  shares the essentials of digital citizenship and best practices for blending digital citizenship into lesson plans. You will…

Vicki Davis

On-Demand Webinar: 9 Key P’s of Digital Citizenship

May 10th, 2018

The most important software for keeping students safe is their own brains. If we want students to be smart digital learners, we need a framework to help them analyze and understand digital safety. In this hour-long, recorded webinar, educator Vicki Davis shares a simple framework for digital citizenship that works…

On-Demand Webinar: 10 Tips to Get Your School Community On Board with New EdTech

February 20th, 2018

Digital tools can transform teaching and learning when thoughtfully integrated into instruction. A critical factor for successful integration is ensuring that everyone from administration and teaching staff to parents and students embrace the new technologies. And that’s often easier said than done! During this hour-long recorded webinar Dr. Monica Burns, author, EdTech &…

Case Study: Tackling Technology Challenges with Effective EdTech Solutions

October 25th, 2017

Educators at Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High School (PPMH) needed a solution to their BYOD challenges. While giving students access to curriculum online via personal devices created new teaching and learning opportunities, it also created new hurdles. Among them: keeping students away from Internet distractions such as social networking. Read the case…

On-Demand Webinar: Rules, Roles + Responsibilities for EdTech Integration

July 19th, 2017

The new school year means new devices, new students and new opportunities to ensure research-driven technology integration in classrooms across your district. Watch this hour-long webinar to gain insight and ideas on how to create an infrastructure that supports the effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning. Dr.…

Case Study: A BYOD School Regains Confidence in Technology

February 7th, 2017

Fill out the form below to learn how NetRef helped Orangewood solve three of its core challenges surrounding technology use in class:       1. Monitoring student internet activity and ensuring online safety       2. Integrating technology into the curriculum in meaningful ways       3.…

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