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Tips for BYOD and 1:1 Classroom Management

Tips for BYOD and 1:1 Classroom Management

DULLES, Va., October 26, 2016—With near ubiquitous Internet access in schools, teachers must be equipped with the skills and EdTech tools to keep students on task in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and one-to-one (1:1) classrooms. The network experts who developed NetRef, a teacher-controlled, no-device-download technology for Internet management, shared advice on how to promote digital literacy in the connected classroom.

“Internet distractions disconnect students from lessons. Teachers can help students get down to the job of learning with easy-to-implement practices and tools,” said George Dotterer, CEO and co-founder of Verite Educational Systems Inc.byod-and-1to1

To empower themselves, support online learning, and minimize dependence on their IT departments, school administrators and teachers should:

  1. Establish policies and practices that cultivate a unified and collaborative culture.
  2. Source EdTech tools that integrate seamlessly, are simple to use and enhance learning.
  3. Regularly communicate clear expectations for appropriate Internet use.
  4. Positively reinforce appropriate online behavior.
  5. Use software solutions that allow teachers to view student Internet activity in real time.
  6. Customize websites based on student activity as well as curricula.

“Curiosity in students is healthy. Classrooms must provide the safe space within which healthy exploration can be nurtured and optimized,” added Dotterer. “The right EdTech tools and commitment by school leaders can significantly advance return on learning and reduce teacher burn-out.”
Dotterer and his team designed NetRef to help teachers maximize the web as an educational and collaborative learning tool. With seamless and simple integration, NetRef offers umbrella protection across all systems, hardware and devices, minimizes distractions, and helps keep students on-task.

NetRef and Verite Educational Systems
Easy to use and integrate, NetRef is a new Internet management tool that helps teachers and students get down to the job of learning by managing access to the Internet on any device. Now operating in schools in ten states, NetRef allows schools to maximize their tech investment and help teachers get their classrooms back. NetRef does not require any installation on student devices. Verite Educational Systems is a spin-out of Verite Group, which for over 12 years has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, tailored tech solutions and managed network infrastructure for government programs and corporations. Learn more at, on LinkedIn and Twitter: @NetReferee.