Support for Remote Learning During Coronavirus

Make Sure Students Are Online — and Learning — in Virtual Classrooms

With some form of remote instruction likely to place in the 2020-21 school year, NetRef and Cipafilter can help eliminate online distractions and keep students on task when working remotely. While students complete coursework at home, educators can use NetRef’s classroom management features to monitor and direct device activity. And with Cipafilter’s context-sensitive content filtering, educators can protect students from accessing inappropriate or unwanted materials.

Remote Learning Features
No matter where they’re working, teachers can log into their NetRef dashboard to view real- time internet and app activity on student’s school- or district-owned devices. From there, teachers can:

  • Take attendance remotely, determining whether students are present or absent based on time spent on allowed sites.
  • Monitor student engagement and attendance remotely based on time spent on allowed sites and applications. Watch this short video to learn more.
  • Turn the internet off or on in a click when students are somewhere they shouldn’t be.
  • Instant message a student or entire class to ask them to get back on task or share important information.
  • Push a website to a student or class — a great time saver when students might otherwise have to type long URLs into their browsers.
  • Create an allowlist that limits student activity to only specific sites and even specific website subdomains.
  • Build a blocklist that makes certain sites and subdomains off-limits.
  • Lock down browsers to create more secure testing environments.
  • Screenshare their screen or a student’s screens to walk through an assignment or task.

Learn more about how one district used NetRef last spring to keep students learning throughout the pandemic.

NetRef is FERPA and COPA compliant. NetRef also allows districts full control of their data so they can tailor it to their specific student privacy policies.

Try NetRef Free for 30 Days

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