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EdTech Homework for Schools

EdTech Homework for Schools

Questions to Ask to Increase School ROI | NetRef7 Questions to Increase School ROI


With the meteoric rise of BYOD and 1:1 classrooms, schools and IT administrators are under more pressure than ever to choose future-ready EdTech solutions that maximize teacher control and student safety. The network experts who developed NetRef, a leader in Internet management in schools, recommend a series of questions that school leaders and IT administrators can ask providers and themselves before investing in EdTech.

Before purchasing, school administrators should do their EdTech homework by asking the following questions:

  1. What is the expected lifespan of the hardware/software?
  2. Will you be able to quantitatively and qualitatively support your desired outcomes with metrics provided by the EdTech company?
  3. Is the software compatible on all of the devices and operating systems you currently use or plan to adopt in the future?
  4. Will the hardware/software support all of your students’ needs?
  5. Are the first year and ongoing costs viable for an extended period of time?
  6. Is there ongoing support for the products, and, if so, is there a cost?
  7. What is the turnaround time for getting the hardware/software operational and is extensive training necessary?


NetRef and Verite Educational Systems
Easy to use and integrate, NetRef is a new Internet management tool that helps teachers and students get down to the job of learning by managing access to the Internet on any device. Now operating in schools in ten states, NetRef allows schools to maximize their tech investment and help teachers get their classrooms back. NetRef does not require any installation on student devices. Verite Educational Systems is a spin-out of Verite Group, which for over 12 years has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, tailored tech solutions and managed network infrastructure for government programs and corporations. Learn more at, on LinkedIn and Twitter: @NetReferee.