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Top 5 Questions for Back-to-School Night on Technology Use and Internet Safety



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Top 5 Questions for Back-to-School Night on Technology Use and Internet Safety

The must-have conversation for parents and teachers on keeping kids safe, focused,
and responsible

Dulles, Va., Sept. 3, 2014 — With the first-day-of-school jitters behind them, students will swap places with their parents in classrooms across the country at back-to-school nights.  As tablets replace textbooks, a measure of effectiveness in today’s classroom is the ability to engage and excite students to learn through the use of digital technology. Parents can use five simple questions to learn teachers’ strategies and practical approaches for keeping kids safe, focused and responsible online.

1. How do you keep students safe online and prevent them from inadvertently seeing
inappropriate content?
2. Do you have the ability to block social sites that are distracting and off-task?
3. What is the policy on phones and other electronic devices students bring from home?
4. What are your recommended websites and applications for homework?
5. Do you teach how to be selective about connecting with friends on social networks, and how to recognize cyberbullying and when to come to an adult? Any advice for home?

“Educational technology is transforming the way children learn and educators teach. There needs to be an open and ongoing dialogue between parents and educators to keep students safe and to raise the next generation of responsible and productive digital citizens,” said George Dotterer, CEO and co-founder of Verite Educational Systems Inc. and co-developer of NetRef, the first-ever educational security system that safeguards all Internet access points.

Rolling out to schools this fall, NetRef offers teachers a one-touch, intuitive tool for managing Internet access in the classroom. Easy to use and integrate, NetRef offers umbrella protection across a school’s networks and on all student-owned devices.

With NetRef, schools can add value to their technology investment by helping educators reduce distractions and maximize technology as a teaching tool, with multi-tiered oversight functionality across the school, in the classroom, and by student. NetRef plans to launch the beta home version later this fall, with a product roll-out slated for families in spring 2015.

Get schooled in NetRef at and on Twitter @NetReferee.

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