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Manage, Monitor and Know with NetRef (Even in Remote Learning Environments)

Manage, Monitor and Know with NetRef (Even in Remote Learning Environments)

Man, do we miss conferences for so many reasons! Conferences give us a chance to connect with educators; hear their concerns about managing and monitoring EdTech and device usage; and explain how NetRef can help.

Since all of our upcoming conferences are cancelled, and we can’t chat with you on the exhibit floor, this video is the next best thing. Watch it to preview NetRef and hear from actual educators about how NetRef is helping them embrace device use in their physical and virtual classrooms.


Demo NetRef While Social Distancing!
Join our June 4 webinar at 2:00 p.m. ET to preview NetRef’s all-in-one solution for device management and monitoring. Walk through its features and functions to learn how IT, teachers and administrators can use NetRef to ensure devices are being used for learning no matter where it’s taking place.

We’ll cover:

  • How NetRef’s universal compatibility and cloud-based design make it flexible enough to manage in-class and remote learning environments
  • How to use NetRef’s simple controls to view device usage historically and in real-time, direct activity in a click, lock down testing environments, and more
  • How to use NetRef’s in-depth usage reports to determine whether students are logging in to learn and what licenses and resources they’re relying on most
  • How NetRef can be used specifically to support remote learning