Manage. Monitor. Know.

Unprecedented classroom management and clear insight into EdTech usage. NetRef delivers both.


Lock-Down Browser

Lock down any browser without affecting global school or district Internet use and without help from your IT team.

Track and Report

NetRef shows real-time Internet activity by student, classroom and school. Usage reports are accessible to educators based on their access level.

Teacher Driven

NetRef enables teachers to monitor and manage Internet resources in their classrooms without relying on IT.

Any Device, Any Platform

NetRef supports your school 1:1 and BYOD initiatives across all devices, platforms and networks.

Legacy Integration

NetRef adds another layer of protection on students’ points-of-access to the Internet without disrupting existing firewalls, 1:1, laptop carts, and computer labs.


NetRef allows teachers to immediately identify which students are connected to the network and adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy.

How Does It Work?

1. Install Appliance

Schools easily add the NetRef Internet filter to their network.

2. Register Devices

Students and/or school staff register in seconds — no device downloads necessary. This process is only done once, and it works on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices of any kind.

3. Manage Classroom

After the devices are registered, teachers can instantly begin managing their classroom to ensure students are on task and getting the most out of their technology investments.

An In-Depth Look

Student Device Management

Imagine: Students need access to an education website to take an online exam. What if teachers could block all online activity on students’ devices except for the testing website?

It’s possible with NetRef, a single solution that offers comprehensive school Internet monitoring and management. With simple, one-touch controls, teachers have the power to lock down browsers and allow or block websites, apps, texting, instant messaging, social media, and games at any time on any student device. With this kind of control, students can focus on collaborative learning, testing and studying without Internet distractions.

Teacher Testimonials

Founder and Head of School Andrew Kutt

“I use a lot of media in my class. I use Google Classroom for everything. NetRef is
a way for me to keep students accountable.”

<b>Jennifer Lawrence-Dishman</b> <br>Putnam County School System (TN)<br>

Jennifer Lawrence-Dishman
Putnam County School System (TN)

Founder and Head of School Andrew Kutt

“With NetRef, I’m able to give my students the freedom that they want with their electronic devices, and at the same time make sure that I’m monitoring them … on task, staying out of trouble.”

<b>Mrs. Florangel Goble</b> <br>English Teacher<br> Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High School<br>Miami, FL

Mrs. Florangel Goble
English Teacher
Pinecrest Preparatory Middle-High School
Miami, FL

Founder and Head of School Andrew Kutt

“Our new investment in NetRef will help our teachers and students maximize the web as an educational and collaborative learning tool.”

<b>Mrs. Arica Prado</b> <br>Principal<br>All Saints Catholic School<br>Fort Worth, TX

Mrs. Arica Prado
All Saints Catholic School
Fort Worth, TX

Why Choose NetRef?


  • Provide classroom- and student-level Internet management
  • No download or app required on student devices
  • Receive quantitative data to monitor and support EdTech investments


  • Empower teachers to spend more time teaching
  • Enforce School Internet and Usage Policies
  • Gather insight into Internet use for budgeting and instructional improvement


  • Little to no training required
  • At-a-glance student and classroom Internet management
  • Whitelist or block web browsing, apps, texting, instant messaging, social media, and games

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