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Get Inspired to Try Something New for Digital Learning Day

Get Inspired to Try Something New for Digital Learning Day

While EdTech is a powerful way to engage students and personalize instruction, it sometimes feels like we can’t quite keep up with all the new technologies out there. In honor of Digital Learning Day on February 27th, we’re pleased to share five simple tips to help you stay innovative with, not overwhelmed by, EdTech. This on-demand webinar featuring Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki Davis, will inspire you try a new digital resource or tool.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Simple strategies that work to help teachers of all levels improve their use of technology in the classroom
  • Visioncasting using phrases to help teachers adopt a growth mindset in their own personal PD
  • What IT Directors and other school leaders can do each week to help their school progress in meaningful ways
  • How to celebrate progress in ways that teachers love (and enjoy)
  • How to encourage improvement while respecting the teacher’s current life situation

Have fun watching the webinar and gaining actionable ways to help technology progress and make growth a part of your school’s DNA!

Watch the Webinar