Classroom Internet Management

Students listening to T-Swift rather than teachers?

NetRef, a classroom management and monitoring software, ensures that school- and student-owned devices are being used for learning. Whether students are streaming music or watching videos, NetRef lets you view website activity on any device and shut down distractions.

Manage the Internet

NetRef gives educators simple Internet control over all devices, from Chromebooks to iPads and desktops to laptops to smartphones. Use it to whitelist, allow or block web-based applications and programs to keep students on task. With NetRef, you can seamlessly monitor and control all devices in any digital learning environment, whether it’s BYOD or 1:1.

Monitor Online Activity

NetRef usage reports offer unprecedented insight into online activity. Get detailed information about which apps and programs contribute to learning, and monitor which EdTech investments are being used — and ignored. Use that information to identify gaps and invest only in programs that support achievement.

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Manage classroom Internet activity with NetRef.

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