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5 Tips for Talking EdTech at Back-to-School Night

5 Tips for Talking EdTech at Back-to-School Night

Talking EdTech: Tips for teachers to put parents’ apprehensions to rest

Back-to-School Tips for Teachers Talking EdTech with Parents
DULLES, Va., August 29, 2016—Back-to-School nights are right around the corner and teachers have more classroom tech tools than ever at their disposal, and more questions than ever from parents. The network experts who developed NetRef, a leader in Internet management in schools, suggest five tips for teachers to put parents’ apprehensions about EdTech to rest.

“Technology jargon mixed with numerous educational acronyms makes it hard for parents to understand what their children are experiencing in the 21st century classroom,” said George Dotterer, CEO and co-founder of Verite Educational Systems Inc. “Teachers can ease parents’ anxieties around technology by having conversations about how EdTech is used by school staff, and using language they understand.”

The five tips for teachers include:

  1. Provide parents with a quick overview on educational trends and standards.
  2. Use simple, easy-to-understand language when speaking with parents.
  3. Explain clearly and demonstrate how the EdTech works in the classroom.
  4. Create hands-on activities that mimic a typical day in their children’s experience.
  5. Show parents how you track results.

“Have the devices your school has invested in on display, and allow access for parents to test them. Teachers should give demonstrations of the online content with which they supplement their instruction. This gives parents a better understanding of how online lessons work and might lead to increased use of the web at home for educational purposes,” added Dotterer.

Dotterer and his team designed NetRef, the first-ever Internet management tool that safeguards all web access points across a school’s networks and on all imported devices, helping teachers maximize the web as an educational and collaborative learning tool. With seamless and simple integration, NetRef offers umbrella protection across all systems, hardware and devices—from 1:1 to BYOD environments—minimizes distractions and helps keep students on-task.

NetRef and Verite Educational Systems
Easy to use and integrate, NetRef is a new Internet management tool that helps teachers and students get down to the job of learning by managing access to the Internet on any device. Now operating in schools in ten states, NetRef allows schools to maximize their tech investment and help teachers get their classrooms back. NetRef does not require any installation on student devices. Verite Educational Systems is a spin-out of Verite Group, which for over 12 years has provided Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, tailored tech solutions and managed network infrastructure for government programs and corporations. Learn more at, on LinkedIn and Twitter: @NetReferee.